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Test drive Nissan Juke.

Nissan Juke Test Drive Tape. 8 Nissan Juke tests from the most popular bloggers on the Avtopanorama website. Nissan Juke has been produced since 2011 and during this time it has already changed 5 generations. Journalists carefully study the quality of interior materials, ease of use, ride quality, passport data of the car. Find out […]

Car diagnostics.

Car diagnostics. Do you want to carry out comprehensive vehicle diagnostics properly and at reasonable prices? Then you are in a car service «Lamarck Center». Our car diagnostics in Khabarovsk consists of modern methods with new generation devices. After our services, you will feel comfortable while driving and you will additionally extend the service life […]

Business books.

Business books. What if the key to a successful career and self-realization is not to create and expand another startup, but to work for yourself, build your own schedule and become an extremely profitable and self-sufficient company of one? What if the smartest and most effective solution is to keep your small business? In this […]